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It is legally restricted to pay certain amount of monthly insurance premium.  

You can purchase monthly insurance but as they apply short rate on insurance premium,
it stays at high price.
Short term rate
1Month 19%
2Month 27%
3Month 36%
4Month 44%
5Month 53%
6Month 61%
7Month 68%
8Month 75%
9Month 81%
10Month 90%
11Month 95%
12Month 100%

In other countries, it is possible to pay the insurance premium in installment but, in Korea, you should
eitherchoose to pay it lumpsump or pay for one month or pay for preffered period of time.
Therefore, paying a one full annual insurance is always cheap.

*If you have Korean credit card, it is possible to pay in installment through credit card. For instance,
Pay the full amount of insurance premium through and divide them in credit card. However, you must
consider how much interest rate you may be charged.

'Method of payment' of insurance premium can be possible through 'credit card' payment or 'wiring' it to
our company.

Please contact David for the details of payment.

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